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Vegetable Garden

About S & G Farms

Our Story

S & G Farms is a family-owned company that began in 1996. With effort of the entire family, we began farming corn, onions and cabbage on 20 acres of land. In the late 90’s, our business primarily focused on being a farmer’s market and then shifted to selling to Whole Sale companies in the early 2000’s. Over time our business grew as the farming industry demand increased in British Columbia. The produce we have been farming has changed over the years and our current list of produce can found on our website.

Today, we farm 20 different types of fruits and vegetables over 45 acres of land. Our produce is packaged in a 12,000 sqft warehouse which uses image recognition machinery to ensure our customers receive the best quality produce.










Our Mission

At S & G Farms, we focus on creating the healthiest organic soil possible to ensure our produce is enriched with nutrients.

We use the highest quality of seeds which have been researched for the past 27 years!


Through extensive research, we use the best environmentally friendly farming methods because we believe in creating a healthy planet for our future generations.

We are Canada Gap Approved! This means our company uses the finest quality agricultural practises

We Do Not Use Any of the Following in our Farming Practise:

No Pesticide       No Harmful Chemicals    No Round up

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